Tech leads the world.
Who leadS tech?

Round is a community and platform for tech leaders who understand their role is not just about building technology, but building a better world.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of those who lead technology.

The everyday decisions of those who work in the tech industry have profound influence on our world – affecting how we communicate, how we problem-solve, how we live.

At Round, we believe that technology should be led by the curious and the humble. The empathetic and the thoughtful. By those who prioritize people and principles. Technology and humanity. Output and impact.

By leaders who want to build not just what can be built, but what should be built.


world class technologists AND
world class humans.

Round is a community of technology executives and senior leaders who support, grow, mentor and learn from each other to accelerate their careers and amplify their impact. Round members:

Value humility, empathy, and curiosity; and seek to foster inclusive and thriving work cultures

Hold senior leadership positions that have an outsized impact on the future

Lead high impact teams, teams of teams, or broadly through influence

Work directly or indirectly on building products or services across Product, Engineering, Marketing, Design, and related functions

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At Round, the collision of diverse perspectives unlocks new levels of insight.

Members come from all corners of the tech industry, from startups to tech giants and everything in between.

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Round membership is designed to meet the challenges of tech leadership today and tomorrow.

Private Community

A vetted community rich with perspective and grounded in shared values provides unparalleled access to knowledge and opportunities from fellow members dedicated to helping each other.

Group Coaching

Members are matched with a diverse group of peers which becomes their inner circle. Core groups convene monthly with an executive coach and use time tested formats to foster peer learning and personal growth through candid dialogue and structured exploration.

Exclusive Events

Uniquely formatted events with world-class thought leaders across industries, interactive expert-led workshops, and social events.

Tailored Resources

Unparalleled access to experts across all facets of technology, case studies, Round event recaps, and community-sourced content addressing emerging challenges unique to the technology industry.

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The Round Experience brings together benefits for members that can’t be found anywhere else.

A high value upgrade to their professional network

Better decisions on their toughest challenges

Actionable tactics that are vetted by peers

Rapid response from experts and leaders across tech

Increased confidence and skill set to lead

Countless new ideas and opportunities

Join technology’s most exceptional leaders from the industry’s most innovative companies.

We’re looking for members who are open and ambitious enough to never stop learning and growing. If you’re someone who’s up for the massive responsibility of pioneering more inclusive, responsible, and meaningful tech, we’d love to have you join us.

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