What is Round?


Round is a private membership community that provides tech leaders with the vetted network and structured support to make the best decisions in today’s tech environment. Round’s peer-based programs and always-on digital community uplevel your leadership, prepare you for new opportunities, and expose you to new perspectives from the industry’s most innovative companies.

How much does Round Membership cost?


Round pricing starts at $2,400 per year or $600 per quarter for our standard membership. Our Premium membership costs $7,200 or $1,800 per quarter and includes Core Groups, Premium Events and Executive Advisory. We also offer Team packages for leaders who would like to get members of their team involved in Round. For Team package pricing, please inquire at membership@round.tech.

Who is eligible to join Round?


Round is designed for product and engineering leaders with 15+ years of experience who manage teams or teams of teams. We know titles vary across company stage and type, but recommend Round for leaders who are VP level and above at early/growth stage companies and Director level and above at big tech and publicly traded companies.  

We review each applicant based on experience and interest to maintain the caliber of the Round network and ensure members are able to grow alongside true peers.  

What is the application process?


Applying to Round takes less than 15 minutes and could be the catalyst for your career.  

1) Apply Online. Share more about your background, interests, and leadership approach so we can assess if Round will be mutually beneficial for you and our current network.  

2) Hear Back. We accept new members on a rolling basis and will notify you within a week of your application. For leaders interested in our Premium Membership, with includes Core Groups and other benefits, indicate your interest in the application and we will connect you with an advisor to share more about these programs and their quarterly enrollment cycle.

3) Pay Online. Select the payment plan that works best for you. For new members who are requesting sponsorship, we will share materials for you to use in making the ask to your employer.  

4) Get Started. Your onboarding will begin as soon as payment is complete. You can start connecting with the community through our online Slack channels and other digital programs. Within your first few days you will be invited to attend a Welcome Call to meet other new members and learn how to get the most out of membership.

Can I expense my Round Membership?


Over half of our members receive sponsorship from their companies. If you’re interested in sponsorship, we’ll provide materials to make the request simple and seamless.

What is included in my Round Membership?


Round’s peer-based programs and always-on digital community uplevel your leadership, build a strong and relevant peer network, prepare your for new opportunities, and expose you to new perspectives from the industry’s most innovative companies.

Round Membership includes:

1) Digital Community. Joining Round unlocks an always-on digital community powered by Slack. Join discussions on the topics that matter most, connect with members in your local region, get timely advice on topics like hiring and platform decisions, and access past speakers and events all online.  

2) Network Concierge. Round’s Network Concierge provides you with a shortcut to building and activating your network. We facilitate tailored 1:1 introductions between members to help grow your network people we think you should meet. Plus, you can make  intro requests whenever you want based on specific criteria.

3) Learning Sprints. Uplevel your leadership with cohort-based Learning Sprints that dive deep on the most pressing topics leaders face. In these 4-8 week programs, a certified executive coach guides small groups through an expert curriculum which allows members to learn with and from one another. New sprints launch monthly on topics spanning personal brand, to managing career transition and beyond.

4) Quarterly In-Person Events. We host in-person events in major cities across the US (New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle) each quarter. These events create an opportunity to deepen relationships in your local geography and places you frequently travel. Our events schedule is posted well in advance and we encourage members to join events in any cities they are able.

What is included in Round's Premium Membership?


Our Premium Membership provides a more structured and high-touch way to navigate the Round experience. Additional benefits include:

1) Core Groups. Core Groups are handpicked groups of 10-12 peers who act as your personal board of advisors. Led by a certified executive coach, Core Groups meet monthly to dive deep into your toughest challenges, unpack big discussions like DE&I in tech, and AI ethics.  
Groups are curated based on a combination of experience and interests to diversify your thinking and help you build authentic relationships with leaders across the tech industry.

2) Premium In-Person Events. For Premium Members, we host two additional events each year, designed to provide a more intimate setting to get to know fellow members. These events take place in two of our four major cities (New York City, San Francisco, LA, and Seattle) and provide elevated access and more curation.

3) Executive Advisory. Round’s Executive Advisory services help to create alignment between your career and the life you want to build. Members meet bi-annually with an Executive Advisory who will help you identify your most important priorities, and the unique ways Round can help you to make progress and accelerate your impact.  

How do I upgrade my membership?


You can indicate your interest in Round’s Premium Membership in your application. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be connected with the Membership team to provide further information and interview you for placement in a Core Group.  

Core Group placement occurs quarterly. You can interview for a Core Group at any time but will not be billed until the next quarterly placement window.  

While you wait to upgrade and get placed into your Core Group, we encourage you to take advantage of all other Round benefits including Learning Sprints, Network Concierge, and our Digital and IRL programming.  

Once you join Round, you can decide to upgrade your membership at any time by emailing membersuccess@round.tech.

Which membership type is for me?


Round Membership is a great fit for people who thrive in a self-directed experience. This experience allows members to build their own experience, opting into the most relevant sessions week by week. Round Members tend to spend a minimum of two hours per month across different experiences. If you’re looking to plug into the digital community immediately and are comfortable building new relationships less structure, this may be the right membership for you.  

Our Premium Membership is best for people who want additional structure and support to shape their Round experience. The added benefit of Core Groups provides you with a peer group to navigate your Round experience alongside a monthly structure to ensure you get the most out of your membership. Premium members commit to spend 2 hours a month with their Core Group and can opt into additional experiences that are recommended or spark members interest. This membership is an excellent choice for people who are navigating through transitions and need additional support but are not interested in working with a coach 1:1. Additionally, this membership is a great fit for people who are looking to build relationships with peers outside of their own company and are in a position to invest additional time to get the most out of it.

What is the typical time commitment?


To get the most out of Round, we recommend that members spend a minimum of 2 hours per month accessing the benefits. This could include participating in Network Concierge 1:1 introductions with fellow members, attending a digital talk with an expert speaker, or attending an IRL event. Premium Members are committed to 2 hours per month with their Core Group, and can spend additional time based on their interest and availability.

Who is in the Round Network?


The Round Network consists of senior leaders at over 300 of the top companies in technology. Our members generally represent product and engineering functions within these organizations. Members have 15+ years of professional experience and manage teams or teams of teams.

Is there a way to trial Round Membership?


While we don’t offer free trials, we do offer flexible membership plans including quarterly subscriptions. If you are interested in Core Groups and other premium benefits but want to make sure Round is the right community for you first, we recommend beginning your Round Membership to learn more before upgrading to a Premium Membership, at the next quarterly opportunity.

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