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Martin Adams Shares Five Resources to Explore Our AI Future

Round Editorial

This week, Round hosted Martin Adams, co-founder at Metaphysic to discuss the ethical implications around today's rapid advancements in AI. With a race between companies to develop the most powerful AI tools, Adam's believes it's time to join the conversation and get involved. Below are five resources Adams recommends.

1. Content Authenticity Initiative

The Content Authenticity Initiative is a global community of media and tech companies, academics, and others devoted to creating open standards (with a good focus on infrastructure) for content authenticity and provenance.

2. Synthetic Futures

Synthetic Futures is a global community of technologists, creatives, artists and regulators focused on debate and action on items like image abuse, international deepfake regulation and the synthetic media in gaming, fashion and marketing. Join them during one of their live-streamed quarterly events.

3. Generative AI on LinkedIn

Follow the Generative AI LinkedIn page to up-to-date on the latest ChatGPT and Generative AI tools. Last week alone, 200 new AI tools were released.

4. The Creativity Code: How AI is Learning to Write, Paint and Think

"This book is a great way to open your mind to the creative possibilities of AI technologies."

In The Creativity Code , Marcus du Sautoy examines the nature of creativity, asking how much of our emotional response to art is a product of our brains reacting to pattern and structure, and exactly what it is to be creative in mathematics, art, language and music. The Creativity Code is a fascinating and very different exploration into the essence of what it means to be human.

5.  Human-Centered AI

"This is a positive read for the future of AI."

The remarkable progress in algorithms for machine and deep learning have opened the doors to new opportunities, and some dark possibilities. However, a bright future awaits those who build on their working methods by including HCAI strategies of design and testing. As many technology companies and thought leaders have argued, the goal is not to replace people, but to empower them by making design choices that give humans control over technology.

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