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Announcing the Round Contributor Network

Round Editorial

We are thrilled to introduce the Round Contributor Network—a platform for tech leaders, thinkers, and operators to share their wisdom and perspectives.

Our Vision

Round is a hub for thoughtful conversations at the intersection of technology, leadership, and careers. Through the launch of our Contributor Network, we’re excited to share the experience of being a Round member with the rest of the tech community. Round Contributors will share insights on topics that operators at tech's most innovative companies face today. Our editorial coverage will include:

- Leadership - Sharing best practices and hard-won insights on leadership

- Product Management - Covering product innovations, trends, and the lives of product leaders

- Emerging Tech - Exploring technologies changing and shaping the world

- Managing Your Career in Tech - Illuminating career paths and work experiences of tech leaders

- Opinion - Sharing fresh and thought-provoking takes on timely tech issues

Meet Our Inaugural Contributor Class

Round's inaugural contributor class features 12 operators who are building and shaping the future through their work. From spearheading global media companies to innovating the parental leave experience, our contributors have a wealth of diverse experiences. Over the next year, contributors will share their hard-won insights and points of view on the pressing issues that impact the tech industry today and in the future. You can learn more about the first class of Round Contributors below:  

Ari Kamlani: Over the past 20 years, Ari Kamlani strategically collaborated with early-stage startups, SMB firms, large enterprises, and venture accelerators. His expertise lies in the AI R&D Industry, particularly in incubation and innovation.

Arjun Gopalratnam: Arjun Gopalratnam is a product leader who focuses on developing high-functioning teams for building operations software. He previously spent five years at Peloton and other venture-backed startups and is currently working on a stealth startup.

Cindy McKissock: With over 20 years of experience in design, product, and engineering in financial services, Cindy McKissock recently held the position of VP and Enterprise Head of Design at Fannie Mae.

Emily Lautenbach: Emily Lautenbach is a product leader across marketing, retail, e-commerce, the gig economy, and healthcare sectors. She currently serves as Head of Product at Meta, overseeing Threads Integrity.

Erik Karasyk: Erik Karasyk is an artist and technologist specializing in experience and spatial design, blending technology, visual content, and physical experiences. As a founding partner of the design agency HUSH, he leads a diverse team creating immersive experiences for the world’s most innovative brands.

Frederico Andrade: Frederico Andrade is currently the Chair of the Board at Wikitongues. His product background comprises of a decade of experience in SaaS and Marketplaces, with a track record in data products and machine learning. He has also been a product leader at two Y-Combinator startups.

Jesse Knight: Jesse Knight optimizes development processes and accelerates engineering and product teams to help companies deliver great products. He has been responsible for the technological execution of global media platforms serving hundreds of millions, including Vice and G/O media.

Mansi Kothari: Mansi Kothari serves as VP of Product & Operations at Parentaly and is a mission-driven leader passionate about building and storytelling. She has built products across human resources tech, health tech, and office tech serving millions of users.  

Maura Charles: Maura Charles is a human-centered product strategy and operations expert with 30 years of leadership experience in media, retail, financial services, and pharma. In 2021, she founded Keep it Human to help companies focus on the human side of their technology work to deliver better customer and business value.

Paula Hunter: Paula Hunter is a high-energy globalization leader who spent the past ten years of her career building from the ground up a high-performing localization team & globalization strategy which afforded her the opportunity to transition into a Director of Business Operations and Chief of Staff role for a product development team of 600 people.

Rikard Bandebo: Rikard Bandebo is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at VantageScore, where he leads the company’s product portfolio and drives the development of VantageScore’s new credit scoring models and attributes. He has over 20 years in quantitative and qualitative data analysis and product strategy leadership.

Shujaat Ahmad: Shujaat Ahmad is a trusted strategic advisor to global business and talent leaders. He currently serves as the Director of People Analytics – Future of Work Strategy & Innovation at LinkedIn, leading a team of data scientists, research scientists, and consultants to guide strategic transformations related to flexible work effectiveness for productivity, innovation, culture, talent investments, and geo-location strategy. He is also the founder of Belong & Lead, a DEIB strategy and analytics advisory for leaders, investors, product creators, and boards.

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Announcing the Round Contributor Network

Round Editorial
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At Round, we recognize that in this ever-evolving landscape, the insights from leaders on the frontlines of innovation are invaluable.

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